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Skysite is a file sharing, document distribution, and project collaboration app that guarantees your teams are always working from the latest set. The ability to share updated files, markup drawings in the field and share them immediately, and manage photos, RFIs, and punch lists will help you stay on top of your projects. Created with General Contractors, Specialty Trade Contractors, Facilities Managers, and Construction Managers in mind, Skysite allows you to manage your team more effectively.

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VIMaec is a service that can render your Revit project in either a 3D free-roam visualization on your desktop or in Virtual Reality, allowing your team and owners to collaborate with ease. A useful service for owners, architects, and contractors, VIMaec allows your clients and team to see a project in Virtual Reality during the design stage. Architects and contractors are finding that this experience allows them to make corrections earlier in the project life cycle that previously may have been unforeseen before construction began. The detail of the 3D visualization allows owners to have a much better idea than ever before of how a finished project will look, leading them to be more satisfied with the finished product.

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Custom Planroom

Custom Plan Room

A+E offers custom, managed plan rooms for your company which serve as a powerful bid communication tool. Institutions that require a high number of public bids each year trust A+E to manage those bids and provide them with a branded plan room. Our plan rooms include tools that allow you to send out invitations to bid to your entire contact list or a group of contacts by specialty. You can also easily track bidder lists and send out addenda to those who have purchased plans. The plan rooms are simple to navigate and allow contractors to purchase printed or digital sets as needed.

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CAD Services

CAD Services

Keep your project moving with A+E’s CAD Drafting and BIM services. A+E helps utility companies, campus facilities, and manufacturers convert large quantities of drawings (paper or PDF) to CAD format. We also regularly service small to medium sized firms and have the ability to meet most deadlines and budgets. With a wide range of services including conversion, redline markups, 3D modeling, and clash coordination, our team of drafting professionals is available to help when you need us most for jobs of any size.

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